Name:  Avery Page, 12
Family:  John and Kerry Page and siblings Dakota, 10, Chandler, 20, and Cale, 21
Hometown:  Claremore, Okla.
School and 4-H Club: Claremore-Sequoyah Middle School and Rogers County 4-H

What is your 4-H project?
“I had a sheep named Ginger. I had to feed and water her every day and check on her health. I also cleaned out the pens and used blankets and heat lamps when needed because it was cold. I had to keep a lot of records too. What I liked best was being with my animal every day.”

How did you get started with 4-H?
“My mom said we needed to show more since she did when she was a child. We live in the country and picked sheep rather than a big animal because it is easier to raise. We had a petting zoo for two years so we already have the facilities.”

What do you do to help out on the farm?
“Mostly I help with the animals. I water and feed, clean out the stalls, and shut gates when the animals need to be moved. I also help deworm them. When it’s time to shear, I help shear both the sheep and the lambs.”

Favorite possession?
“My favorite possession is my horse Boogie, a dark bay Quarter Horse. I rodeo and compete in barrel racing, polls, flags and goat tying. It’s really fun.”

Story and Photo by Terry Ropp


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