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Monday, November 28, 2022

Replacement Factors

Deciding when to replace farm vehicles and equipment Agricultural economists advise producers to closely evaluate their goals, cash flow and income tax implications when determining whether...

Saving on Fuel Costs

Following a few steps can reduce fuel consumption  The financial pressure placed on farmers due to increased input costs has forced producers to look at...

Keeping Records

Maintaining farm equipment and machinery records has advantages  Record keeping likely falls to the bottom of most producers’ favorite things to do list. Tending the...

Calving Season is Around the Corner

Now is the time to get things prepared for calving to ensure a positive outcome Ready or not, calving season is just around the corner.  Preparing...

Evaluating Body Condition

Assessing the herd before winter One of the biggest challenges facing producers in recent months is keeping cattle in good body condition. No doubt the...

Managing Wildlife and Livestock

Finding a balance that works While many producers enjoy the wildlife that coexists with their livestock, in some cases wildlife can be menaces or nuisances...

Gut Health in Cattle

Why a strong digestive system is important Producers continually search for ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs on their operations. Though it may not...

Maximizing Forage Opportunities

Rebounding from summer drought conditions  A wet, rainy spring followed by a hot, dry summer created conditions that adversely impacted forages and hay crops. The...

The Scoop on Scours

Causes and cures for scours in calves Scours or calf diarrhea can be a serious problem for producers. In some cases, scours can be fatal...

Birthweights and the Weather

The impact of extremes on fetal calf development  Ever wonder why calves born in the fall sometimes seem smaller and lighter than their spring counterparts?...
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