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Monday, May 16, 2022

Retirement Choices 

Hurricane Ida, COVID-19 and a February winter weather disaster in the United States and Mexico; many other catastrophes and worries abound.  What issues currently confront...

Economic Impacts

The past two years have most certainly been ones for the history book. First, no one had a true understanding of just how great...

Coping With Rising Rates 

One question that has been asked in every conversation with my customers lately is – what are rates going to do? We all know...

The Value Of Money

One of the fundamental financial concepts, the time value of money (TVM), says the current value of a sum of money is worth more...

The Udder Side

After the new year, we are headed for calving season soon. But first, we see grass tetany. I have already had my first call.  I...

Incorporating Technology

With the new year comes new beginnings and, of course, new resolutions. For the past several weeks my social media has been flooded with...

Protecting Yourself

As an agricultural lender that has financed quite a few construction projects in the past, I’ve compiled a list of tips that can help...

The Real, Real Estate Market

The real estate market in the Ozarks is on fire. This dynamic market is becoming prevalent in many areas around the country. We’re all hearing...


You can almost imagine the unrestrained joy politicians felt upon reading John Maynard Keynes’ words back in the early 1920s. Finally, they had discovered...

Software for the Farm

The more you can reduce the guesswork, the more profitable your farm may be. That’s where agricultural software comes in. While there can sometimes be...
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