‘What Did You Say?

Do people sound like they’re mumbling? Do you have to ask others to speak up? Maybe it’s not them; maybe it’s you. According to the...

Facts of Fencing

Producers use a rotational grazing system to keep pastures in better condition, and electric fencing is often used to effectively keep animals in specific areas.

Small Ruminant Nutrition

Sheep and goats have different nutritional needs Sheep and goats can both be classified as small ruminants. Livestock classified as a ruminant must have adequate...

Increasing Large Animal Vets


The Missouri Department of Agriculture will use a $500,000 2-year grant from United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development to study the feasibility of establishing a training institute to prepare newly graduated veterinarians for large-animal medicine in rural areas.

Dollars From Your Land


Where to Hunt and Fish, LLC, is providing an opportunity for landowners/ranchers to derive income from their land. A new online site is set up to provide a service for landowners to allow hunting and fishing on their property for a fee. Where to Hunt and Fish, LLC, is the brainchild of two young men from Arkansas, Jeremy Schreckhise and Barry Rowton.

Prop. B Meeting Update


The Bolivar Mo., High School auditorium was filled with over 600 people recently to hear what Missouri’s lawmakers plan to do, now that Proposition B (the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act) narrowly passed Nov. 2, 2010. Lawmakers in attendance were Senator Bill Stouffer of the 21st District, Speaker of the House Rep. Ron Richards, Senate Leader Robert Mayer and U.S. Congressman Billy Long.

Reduce E. Coli


It's been in the news numerous times, typically associated with product recalls. It's E. coli, or formally known as the pathogen Escherichia coli O157:H7 (O157), a bacteria found in the intestines of animals and humans.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame


It’s no secret that consumers are asking more questions about how their food is produced. In Missouri, a handful of agriculture groups are trying to make sure the answers come from farmers, and they’re capitalizing on the traditions of St. Louis Cardinals baseball and June Dairy Month in the process.

Preconditioning: Worth the Cost?


When calves are scarce and prices are high, interest in preconditioning programs – despite data showing their economic benefits – is diminished.

Post Drought Management


Getting through one of the toughest droughts most of us can remember can prove to be quite a challenge. It is easy to hope the drought is going away with the cooler than normal August temperatures and abnormal rainfall compared to July. Most livestock producers are concerned with feeding animals and are often caught up in seeing them as the final product. As tough as the decision is to sell off some animals due to drought, the real product being produced is forages. Livestock are only a conversion factor to get the forages into a more marketable form. It is very difficult to sell off pasture and get more after the drought. Therefore, pasture care and management for survival, plus performance to feed animals is critical. Too often pastures are viewed as just at the mercy of Mother Nature and we get what we get. However, some folk’s pastures just never seem to be so impacted as others, therefore, management inputs must be important.

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