Name:  Shay Lynn Napier, age 12
Family:  LaCosta and Andy Napier; Brother: Trenton, age 8
Hometown:  West Fork, Ark.
Club:  Lincoln Riding Club

Life on the farm:  “We live on a ranch near Hogeye. Our family has 10 horses, two dogs and cattle. I would rather be outside than inside. I love to go outside and just ride my horse, Possum.”

More about Possum:  “My only horse is Possum. He is white and grey with a black mane and tail. He is 8 years old and 16 hands tall. He is best on poles. It is funny – his ear closest to the pole lies down as we go by.”

Why did you join Lincoln Riding Club?
”I wanted somewhere to barrel race once or twice a month. They have three events:  riding barrels, steed slag and pole bending. It is fun and you get lots of practice. They have events every other Saturday from March through October.”

2011 Awards:  Shay was the 2011 saddle winner for the highest number of points, 2011 buckle winner for first place and the 2011 jacket winner for participating in at least 75 percent of play days in the Lincoln Riding Club.

Story by Pam Lamb


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