James Reichert

In Town:  “My town life is to come to work five and a half days a week at Greenwood’s Farmers Coop. I am the new manager and have worked here since June and really love my job. I like all the customers. Also I am an animal person, so I can help my customers as well. Basically I like to talk and sell so a town job fits me well.”

In the Country:  “Jennifer and I live in a small town called Dora, Ark. We have rodeoed the whole time and still team rope. We own 40 acres and keep seven horses. My favorite horse is the one I am winning money with at the moment. We try to keep five or six head of cattle year round for practicing, but we sold them recently because of the hay issue from the drought.
“I grew up in the country, and we have been living on my grandparents’ place, which they bought in ’62. Conner, my 6-year-old son, and I go hunting. He killed two deer with a rifle during youth season.”

How the Town and Country lives blend:  “I work in a feed store which teaches me how to feed my horses properly so each one can reach its full potential. The biggest advantage of living in the country is you can do what you want. My location is perfect because I can be in Fort Smith, Ark., in five minutes, Van Buren, Ark., in five minutes, Roland, Okla., in five minutes, and on the interstate in 45 seconds. That gives me a lot of choices while I still have my freedom.”

Story and Photo by Terry Ropp


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