Name:  Pete McCollough, 15
Parents:  Jeff and Eva McCollough
Hometown:  Van Buren, Ark.
4-H Club:  Crawford County 4-H

What is your 4-H project?
“Last year I was in animal science and still love working with my animals, but this year I switched to health and fitness because it’s a better fit for me personally. Even though everybody else in the county is the ag aspects of 4-H, I really believe and live by health and nutrition. I chart my running and training for a half marathon according to a plan that tells me when and how far to run. Twice a week on the same running days, I also take taekwondo classes so that my body has rest days in between workouts. As far as nutrition goes, last year I tried to cook family meals four times a week, but this year school is taking up too much time.”

Favorite 4-H moments and awards:  “At the Crawford County fair I won an award for continual conscientious care of my animals and second place in the lightweight meat goat competition as well as getting a really good price for my goat. I am the treasurer of Kenner Chapel and really like leadership because I want to help change things when there’s a problem. I am not very good at just sitting around. 4-H is important because it gives you skills that you can use later to be successful. My favorite 4-H memory is at the state challenge camp at the Ferndale 4-H Center last year when I got to go on the rope course which is the best in the state.”

What do you do to help out with the animals?
“We have a hobby farm with 10 goats and 40 to 50 chickens. My responsibilities include watering the goats and chickens and feeding the market goats every evening, as well as checking the chickens’ health and treating them as necessary. I like raising goats because I can make money. I am part of the poultry chain where we raise chickens and are helped with vaccinations and lessons in proper raising. In return, I bring three of our chickens to the fair to sell to help support 4-H.”

Story and Photo by Terry Ropp


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