Susan Anglin of Bentonville, Arkansas serves as a Justice of the Peace for Benton County and has a family farm. Photo by Marissa Snider.
Photo by Marissa Snider

Hometown: Bentonville, Ark. 

Family: Husband Ryan; and sons Cody and Casey.

In Town: Susan Anglin serves as a Justice of the Peace for Benton County, Ark., an elected position she has held for the past 10 years.

Susan serves in an elected position who works to make important budgetary decisions for community development. She ensures that public facilities have adequate resources or providing insight for big decisions that might impact the agriculture community.

In the Country: On the farm, Susan embraces the demands of the family farm, a 300-plus head cattle ranch in Bentonville, Ark., that has primarily served as a dairy and beef cattle operation for the past 100 years. Now, the fourth generation — Susan’s sons Cody and Casey – are letting go of the dairy business and turning their focus to beef cattle.

Susan, a Bentonville native, married into the farm. But after decades of life on the farm she can’t imagine any other way of living. It’s a life she love and a passion that she is eager to preserve.

As a former Farm Bureau board member, Susan got involved in agriculture outreach. It was her involvement in the organization that lead her to run for Justice of the Peace. On top of a busy life raising her sons and working the farm with her husband, Ryan, she’s also a registered nurse. It seems nurturing might just be in her nature. There was a spark in her eye as she talked about taking care of the younger calves on the farm. Her nursing background in the medical field opened the door to opportunities to advocate for agriculture in nutrition and human health. 


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