David Soap

In Town:  “I drive a transit bus in Stilwell, Okla., which I enjoy. Stilwell has most of what I need so I do a lot of shopping here and most of my medical care.”

In the Country:  “I raise backyard chickens, and I like going to the sale in Stilwell to look for new birds to add to my flock, which are raised in small coops out back. I also love the freedom you have in the country. You can whoop and holler without disturbing anybody because nobody is close by. I can even work on my Harley and know the engine noise isn’t a problem. I love to go outside at night to check on my chickens, look at the stars and hear the coyotes and other wildlife.”

How do your town and country lives work together?
“I have always loved living in the country but earning a living out here is tough. The only way we can afford to live in the country is for me to have my job in town. Town is the business and practical side of my life and country is the personal side. I can’t have one without the other and country living is very important to me.”

What do you see as your future?
“I really worry about the future sometimes. It seems like they are adding new restrictions every day, and some of them just don’t make sense to me. I don’t like my freedom pinched away one bit at a time. Nonetheless, I hope I can be on the same piece of land for the rest of my life.”

Story and Photo by Terry Ropp


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