Iron Tech Fence Company

Owner:  Toby McGee
Location:  Fayetteville, Ark.

History and Services:  “I ran another fencing company for somebody else for four or five years when I decided it was time to go out on my own. Nine years ago I started my own fencing business. I put in farm fences, privacy fences; about any kind of fence you can imagine. Another part of the business was a welding and fabrication shop where I built custom-made ironwork and still do. However when the economy slowed down, the welding and fabrication shop took the biggest hit. During that difficult time a friend asked me to build a barn, and that project began a whole new aspect of my business.
“We build hay barns and horse barns. Between the fencing and barn building, we have pretty well recovered and currently have six employees. At the moment were even backed up so that I am working on Saturdays occasionally and, only if absolutely necessary and very rarely, on Sundays. We build in both Arkansas and Oklahoma.”

Business Strategy:  “We are not a big, commercial company, and don’t want to be. Because we enjoy working for everyday people rather than for commercial businesses. Our advertisement is word-of-mouth which works really well because then people know from those who recommended us the kind of quality work that we do. I think part of what makes or breaks a business is honesty and good character. People have to know that your word is as good as your work and that you stand behind everything you do.”

Story and Photo by Terry Ropp


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