Hometown: Lebanon, Mo.

Family: Sons Cory and Cobb, twins Aaron and Alicia, and 10 grandchildren

In Town: For the past year, Jeane has worked in real estate with Century 21 Laclede Realty as one of 23 agents. Brian is the deputy director of the Laclede Office of Emergency Management and has been for the past five years. While he continues in that very challenging work, he is also considering joining Jeane in her latest professional undertaking.

Before joining the realty industry, Jeane had a variety of trades, careers and past times. 

“I was busy raising grandkids and dogs, operated a small grocery story for a time, and for nearly 15 years, many moons ago, I helped to run a dairy farm in the Conway area with 85 head of Holstein cattle while raising two kids.”

In the Country: Jeane and Brian are beginning a new venture on their own 27 acres in western Laclede County.

“We have three milk cows, 13 sheep, three replacement heifers, two steers (for beef), and a bull,” Jeane explained. “I’ve been milking cows again now for the past four years. We get about eight gallons of milk a day, which we sell to around 20 regular customers. We sell it from our door and we can, and do, deliver to some of our customers. I also sell butter and yogurt, which I make.

“As far as the sheep, we have Shetlands that we sheer once a year. I spin wool, which I knit and crotchet. I’m part of the Whimsy Art Guild, a fiber arts group that meets once a month at the Lebanon-Laclede County Library.”

At the moment, Jeane and Brian are living in a fifth-wheel camper on their new acreage while they prepare to build a new home and shop on their property.


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