Brandon Peterson

In Town:  Brandon Peterson works as an avionics technician for the Missouri Theatre Aviation Support Maintenance Group (MO TASMG) located in Springfield, Mo. “I work on the electronics, computers and weapon systems on Blackhawk and Apache helicopters,” explained Brandon.
Although, Brandon works for TASMG as a civilian he was in the Missouri National Guard for 12 years. Brandon joined the Guard once he completed his duties with the U.S. Army after being stationed in Germany for three years.

In the country:  After Brandon got out of the Army he was able to purchase the original farm he grew up on near Fair Grove, Mo. Brandon and his brother, Dustin Peterson, run a 50-head commercial herd together on 210 acres.
“My dad always raised beef cattle and when I was 7 years old my grandpa gave me my first calf. By the time my brother and I were in high school we had five or six cows apiece. When I joined the Army and went overseas my brother took care of my herd. Once I got out of the Army we were able to expand the herd,” shared Brandon.

How do you make it all work?
“My brother and I run the farm together because we both work off the farm. Dustin is a pipefitter. We both travel a lot, so when one of us is gone the other can step up and make sure things get done around the farm,” explained Brandon.

Biggest challenge:  “This year the drought has been our biggest challenge. Luckily we have hay left over from last year. Between all of our pastures we have several streams and ponds plus a couple of freeze proof tanks. All of the water supplies have been a tremendous help this summer and the freeze proof tanks are a life saver in the winter,” said Brandon.

Story and Photo by Lynzee Glass


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