Hometown: Republic, Mo. 

Family: Wife: Mirela, and Children: Macie (21) and Kile (18)

In Town: Scott Thornhill works for City Utilities at the Power Plant in Springfield, Mo. City Utilities supplies water, natural gas, high-speed internet and electricity for the city of Springfield.

Scott’s job consists of general maintenance on equipment, such as turbines, pumps, electric motors and belts. He also has a weld certification to make repairs on boiler tubes, high-pressure steam lines and structural steel. 

He started his position 10 years ago, and he enjoys the stable job he has. Also his position allows him to enjoy his family and his farm outside of work.

In the Country: Beginning at around the age of 3, Scott worked with cattle on his family’s dairy farm in Mountain Grove, Mo. As an adult, he has started his own farm operation with beef cattle in the Republic, Mo., area.

“I learned beef farming is easier,” Scott said. “Even if it seems like everything is falling apart and there’s no time, beef farming is not as demanding, so I can still work a job. But because of dairy farming as a kid, I had to start from scratch.”

His previous knowledge has brought him far in the cattle industry, but there are some areas he must teach himself through trial and error, namely the financial side.

Scott has a commercial herd of around 40 cow/calf pairs that consist of Angus, Charolais and Beefmaster. He also runs two Gelbvieh bulls. Eventually, Scott would like to double the size of his herd, obtain more land and retire to his farm fulltime.

The cowherd is split up roughly 60/40, with some calving in the fall and the rest in the spring. The cows are rotated between pastureland spread over Scott’s owned 60 acres, plus rented land. The herd grazes, with supplemental grass hay and mineral being offered. On occasion, if needed, Scott offers a liquid feed for a protein boost. His family helps with any bottle calves. 

With the limited amount of time he has away from his job at City Utilities, Scott finds it easier to buy hay rather than putting it up himself.


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