Hometown: Bolivar, MO

Family: Parents, Kelley and Marla Roberts

In Town: Sterling Roberts’ love for people and problem-solving peaked his interest in the real estate business.

Together with his mom, Marla, Sterling studied and tested online to become a real estate agent, and shortly after he began work with Century 21 in May.

“Not every deal is the same. You have to be flexible and a little creative… You really have to think outside the box about how to help people the best way you can.”

Sterling enjoys this analytic aspect, made less obstructing by the fact that he and Marla make excellent business partners.

“One thing I didn’t realize about this job is how much people appreciate you. When they’re buying and selling, there’s usually something else going on: getting married, death in the family, new to the area; a lot of life events you get to be a part of. You always try to go above and beyond what’s expected.”

In the Country: Polk County, Mo., boasts five generations of family farm land for the Roberts family. Here, Sterling partners with his dad, Kelley.

As long as Sterling can remember, the Roberts farm was a dairy, with he and his dad milking morning and night, day after day. This year, for the first time, the farm is home to only beef cattle and feeder calves. Sterling and Kelley care for a few hundred head of cattle year-round, selling calves periodically throughout.

“We don’t have a cut-off date for breeding. Plus, with the feeder calves, we can sell calves all year round so we always have money flow.”

In the past, Sterling and Kelley have grown corn as well, but due to its low profit margins they only harvested hay this season. Alfalfa proved to be a keen business decision, as the Roberts were able to rapidly sell their bales to farmers affected by the summer’s drought.

“It’s a lot of work, but you’re with your family all day. Working on the farm, there’s a lot you have to work through. You just live life together,” Sterling said.


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