Family: Wife, Kim Webb; and daughters Taylor (21) and Kailee (13)

Hometown: Lowell, Ark.

Town Life: “I have been an attorney for almost 22 years and received my law degree from the University of Arkansas. My first job as a deputy prosecutor in Benton County, Ark., greatly influenced me which has led me to my own law firm in downtown Springdale, Ark., where I concentrate on criminal defense and have another lawyer working with me in other areas. My wife Kim has been an elementary school teacher for 23 years and is now teaching pre-k at Parsons Hills in Springdale. We have two daughters: Taylor who is attending the University of Arkansas and who recently switched from agriculture communications to elementary education, and 13-year-old Kailee who plays volleyball for Sonora Middle School, shows livestock and wants to compete in barrels.

Country Life: “Even though our address is in Lowell, we live in the country on a 150 acre family owned farm and lease 220 acres on the Crawford County line. I have always had a truly mixed cow/calf operation and added goats from 2012 until 2015 for showing. We gave up on the goats because we simply didn’t have enough time to properly keep up with their care, especially in terms of parasites and purple mint. Recently I decided to change the focus of my operation and sold my mixed herd while cattle prices were high in order to purchase fewer highly Angus-influenced mommas and a Black Hereford bull. My goal is to achieve a 60 momma herd and sell show animals. The Black Hereford has the benefits of retaining the black coloring while adding the marbling and body structure of the Hereford breed. The demand for the Black Hereford-influenced calves far exceeds the supply. In addition, people now seem to use the Internet to find specialty animals like these, and I want to meet that need. However, the change is a work in progress that will take time with future market demands and industry advancements being totally unpredictable.

Future: “Building a herd like this takes time and patience. I hope to reach my goal of 60 mommas in five to eight years through strict culling, more particular health protocols and constantly bettering my genetics. I have always loved cattle and I plan on working with my cattle as long as I am able. The plan is to have more time to devote to my farm in the coming years but only time will tell.”


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