Harold and Sharon McGuire
On the Farm:  Harold and Sharon McGuire got into the cattle business full-time about 4 years ago, and have just over 100 head of cattle on their ranch outside Bluejacket, Okla. Their herd consists primarily of Angus, but they have some mixed head as well.

In Town:  During the week, Harold works evenings at a plastics plant several miles from the family ranch; Sharon works days at Wheatley Vending. Working different shifts at their jobs allows someone to always be home to tend to their cattle. Harold takes care of them in the morning, while Sharon takes care of the afternoon feeding. On weekends, they handle the workload together.

How do you balance the two?
Harold and Sharon balance full-time careers and the demands of ranch life by working together as a team.  Sharon said the key is you have to love what you do; ranch life is demanding but extremely rewarding.
In addition to the full-time work and the ranch, the McGuires’ are also landlords. The past winter blizzard and spring showers have kept the two busy as well. Harold said, “There is always something that needs repaired, whether it is our house or the rental.”

Story and Photo by Debra Pamplin


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