Jordan Linley

Age: 13
Parents: Charles and Lew Linley
Hometown: Cave Springs, Ark.
4-H Club: Cave Springs 4-H
Club Leader: Heidi Franz

What is your 4-H project and what do you like about it?
“My project is in animal science, and I have a goat and a rabbit. I enjoy my project for a number of reasons but most importantly because I have a good time showing. You get to be in the ring with people watching you try to do everything perfectly and get pointers on how to do better. While my goat won first in its class this year, what I really like most is seeing people from different towns that I have made friends with. ”

How did you get started with 4-H?
“My folks gave me a choice: Tae Kwon Do or 4-H. The choice was simple because I wanted to do something new and love being outside.”

What do you do to help out on the farm?
“We have just a few acres, but every day I check my rabbits first, feeding and watering them in addition to making sure they can stay cool. Then I check on my goats and count my two chickens. I started with six, but now I’m down to two, probably because of coyotes.”

What is your favorite part about living in the country?
“I like it because you can do more than you can in the little backyard such as raise show animals, shoot guns and ride ATVs. I also like going to my grandpa’s, where I fish and catch perch, crappie and catfish and maybe a bass if I’m lucky. I also get to rope steers over there which is really fun.”

What is the most important thing you have learned in 4-H?

“I’ve learned that you can’t be shy. If you open up, you will have a lot of fun in addition to learning a lot. But if you stay shy, you will probably still learn but not have nearly as much fun.”


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