Gabby Sisk

Age: 17
Parents: Ben and Kathy Sisk
Hometown: Cecil, Ark.
FFA Chapter: Ozark FFA
Advisors: Krystal Hayward and Ben Culver
4-H Teen Leader: Janne Shofner    

What is your favorite aspect of agriculture?
“Because I’ve shown livestock since I was 5, my favorite aspect is the animal side, but learning life lessons like being responsible are critically important.”

Who is the most influential person in your life?
“Even though my parents are hugely important, Cindy Ham, our former 4-H leader, was part of my life since I started and I’ve grown up with her as another parent. She knew how to push me. When I was 9 and got first at the state fair, I didn’t think I needed to know anything else, but she pushed me to study for Skillathron, which not only increase the range of my knowledge and allowed me to compete in the national convention last year.”

What is your current involvement in agriculture?
“Because this was my last year of showing, we just sold my Hampshire and Hampshire cross pigs, but the daily routine included getting up at 6 a.m. to feed and check on them and then again at 6 at night. After that I walked each pig for 15 minutes. Now my main responsibility is being president of the 4-H Teen Leader group and junior advisor for FFA which allows me to share what I have learned with my fellow members.”

“One of the most important awards I won was when I was 5 and competing against my best friend in showmanship. We both got trophies but that trophy made me so proud that I always stayed involved and focused. One result is this last year I won the World Food Prize in Arkansas, a competition about how to solve world food problems,  and was able to go two Des Moines, Iowa where I spoke with the former president of a Third World country. I now know that when I go to Arkansas Tech and major in agribusiness and minor in foreign relations in order to help Third World countries produce safe and sustainable food.”


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