Trey Noblin

Parents: Wayne and Kera Noblin
Hometown: Westville, Okla.
FFA Chapter: Westville FFA
Advisor: Steve Weaver

Who is the most influential person in your life?
“My dad is the most influential because he never quits until a job is done and done correctly. I guess what he has tried to teach me has stuck because my favorite part of agriculture is the life lessons you learn, especially about not giving up and staying with a job until it’s completed correctly.”

What is your current involvement in agriculture, including your daily routine?
“In our FFA chapter, if we need something we build it. I really enjoy doing the carpentry work, as well as showing animals and skeet shooting. In FFA, we also work on trailers of all kinds for people and we don’t charge anything for the work. Our teacher always looks everything over to make sure it is correct. The customers get the free labor and we get real-life welding experience. Showing (livestock) is another part of my life in agriculture. I have shown goats and chickens, and now show laying pullets, broilers and pigs. At home, I feed and water and work the animals, which include pigs, chickens, cows, calves, bulls and pets. Some of my other chores include building and fixing fence, spreading fertilizer, brush hogging, and feeding hay. I also help build or fix anything that we need for our animals or farm and work in the garden watering, harvesting and weeding.”

What are some of your agricultural memories?
“My favorite memories don’t really involve me. I remember a big Holstein cow escaping the holding pen at the show milk barn and a whole bunch of people running for 4-wheelers to try and corner her and keep her out of neighboring yards.”

“I won grand champion four years in a row with my Cinnamon Queen pullets at the county fair, and last year I finally won reserve grand champion at the Arkansas-Oklahoma State Fair with my White Leghorn pullets.”


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