Name:  CJ James Miller, 18
Parents:  Ron and Kris Schut
Town:  Norfork, Ark.
School:  Norfork High School

How does agriculture impact your life?
“Like so many others I was raised around agriculture and really love working with the people who make agriculture their lives. The real beginning was probably when I took an introduction to agriculture class which led to joining FFA. I am currently secretary and most involved with the shooting sports team and the floriculture team. I just won ninth in the state of Arkansas in the floriculture career development event and have both my chapter degree and state FFA degree. My favorite memory, however, is going on field trips with the chapter because the chapter members are a positive group to be with.”

What advice would you give to younger kids?
“The best advice would probably be to take the time to learn from past generations. I get along well with older people and I want to learn everything I can from them. Another piece of advice would be for them to try to make their own decisions rather than following the crowd or letting other people dictate those decisions. You learn from others and then think for yourself.”

Future plans:
“Next, I want to run for a State FFA office and later attend Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, Ark., to major in agricultural education.”

What do you like best about living in the country?
“I guess I like the quiet, peacefulness and all that good stuff. However, I also like learning from neighbors. One has cattle and I asked him a lot of questions. Another has both miniature and regular horses, and they do youth rodeos.”

Story and Photo by Terry Ropp


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