Hunter Carey is a member of the Webbers Falls, Oklahoma FFA Chapter. He is the son of Brad Carey and Carri Carey. Contributed Photo.
Contributed Photo

Age: 19

Hometown: Webbers Falls, Okla. 

Parents: Brad and Carri Carey

Siblings: Four brothers and four sisters

FFA Chapter: Webbers Falls FFA

Advisor: Brad Carey

What’s your involvement in agriculture? “I’ve been around agriculture for a long time. My family has been based in agriculture for generations, and I’ve grown up in it and then got involved in FFA. We have 12 crossbred sows that we AI and raise show pigs from.”

What is Hogfather’s Secret? Hogfather’s Secret is a line of show livestock skin and hair products. 

“My dad used and we’ve had the recipe for a long time. I came to him and said, ‘Dad, I have an idea.’ I told him I wanted to start making the products. He said there were too many on the market. I kept bugging him and bugging him, and he gave in. That night, we [Hunter and his twin brother Gunner] made a case. Dad said if we sold it by midnight, we could keep going, but if not, we wouldn’t bug him anymore. We sold four cases that night, and it blew up from there.”

Hunter said they have now sent products to 49 states, with a recent shipment going to North Pole, Alaska. He also works with more than 700 dealers. 

“I figured we’d sell some down south and in some parts of the Northeastern United States, but I never thought it would blow up like this,” Hunter said. 

Hunter earned first in the 2023 Oklahoma FFA Association’s Agricultural Processing State Proficiency Award for Hogfather’s Secret, and Gunner was second in the state in the Ag Sales Placement.

Future plans: “I can either go to college close to home, or I can go to Oklahoma State University and maybe be an ag teacher like my dad. I plan to run for state FFA reporter this year, so that might be a factor in where I go to college.”


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