Mark Dement

Age: 17
Mother: Bonnie Dement
Hometown: Subiaco, Ark.
FFA Chapter: Paris FFA Chapter
FFA Advisor: Jason Binz

Favorite Aspect of Ag: “Most people have no idea what agriculture is or realize that agriculture is in all aspects of life from medicine to the grocery store to school. Consequently, my favorite part is public education.”

Most Influential Person: “My FFA advisor, Jim Binz, is the most influential person because he puts a lot of time in the program and gives so much to the community and his students. He is straightforward and always does everything the correct and honest way. I want to be just like him.”

Current Ag Involvement: “I come from a nontraditional agricultural background because while I live in the country, we don’t have a farm. Nonetheless, I show swine that are kept at the agricultural facility at school and I am the current Paris FFA Chapter President. I recently ran for state office with intensive interviews, speeches and tests.”

Awards: “Last year I won Grand Champion Commercial Gilt in the North Logan County Fair and am also an All-State cross-country runner.”

Future Plans: “I plan on attending Arkansas Tech and getting a nontraditional teaching license in agriculture so I can be just like Mr. Binz.”

Most Memorable Moment: “Last year I attended the national Envirothon in Indianapolis, Ind., which is an environmental contest divided into five categories. The best part was meeting other members from other states and learning about them.”

Advice to Younger Students: “You are so excited when you start something and you think everything will be easy. It’s important to take everything in stride and be ready for a lot of work including getting up early to feed and take care of the animals. It’s really worth it.”


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