Age: 14

Parents: Randy and Katie

Hometown: Prairie Grove, Ark.

4-H Club: Prairie Grove 4-H

4-H Leader: Katie People

FFA Chapter: Prairie Grove FFA

FFA Advisors: David Hays and Clint Hale

What is your favorite aspect of agriculture?

“The things I like best are the livestock and the mechanics. The animals make me feel good about myself and give me something to take care of, while mechanics is my dream job because I like building stuff and helping people.”

Who is the most influential person in your life?

“My Papa, Bob Peoples, is the most important influence because he teaches me discipline and what I need to know. He also makes me comfortable and is really funny. One day we were building a truck bed together which made me feel both appreciated and proud.”

What is your current involvement in agriculture?

“We raise chickens, ducks and cattle. My job is to feed them both in the morning and after school. I also bathe the cattle and walk them every day as part of their training for showing. I love the animals and treat them as if they are pets.”

What is the most important award you have one?

“This last year I won grand champion steer at the Washington County Fair with Hank, who is a Maintainer cross. I worked with him every night and got him as calm and friendly as possible. I also took good care of him, and I think all of those things helped him win. I like competing because there are lots of friends around. We back each other up, even though we are competing hard against each other. It’s always fun”

What are your future plans?

“During my junior and senior years in high school, I plan on going to Northwest Technical Institute and get a double degree, one in mechanics and one in welding so I can have the welding degree as an extra. I do not think college is for me, but do believe a certified trade will be beneficial to my future”

What advice would you give to someone younger who is considering joining 4-H or FFA?

“There are lots of different things to try. Figure out what you might like and if it ends up you don’t, try something else. You always have to put in effort because that’s what makes it worthwhile.”


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