Name:  Robbin Martin
Family:  Steve and Joy Copeland
Hometown:  Yellville, Ark.
School:  Junior at Yellville-Summit High School

How are you involved in agriculture?
“I’m the ranch manager of Copeland Farm in Yellville, Ark. We have registered purebred Charolais and I take care of all the registration, documentation and paperwork. I help with calves that may have a problem and have total responsibility for the show cattle. We currently have 18 head of Charolais and four horses.”

What has working with cattle taught you?
“It has helped me in lots of ways. I have learned responsibility, money, time management and patience. Patience is the key when working with animals.”

What are some of your success you are proud of?
“I was elected president of the Yellville-Summit FFA this year and also I’m the high point exhibitor at the Marion County fair.”

Who has influenced you the most in agriculture?
“My uncle, Steve Copeland. He encourages me and believes in me.”

Future Plans: 
“After I graduate I want to attend College of the Ozarks and study animal science. I want to be a large animal veterinarian.”

If you had the power and could change one thing in agriculture, what would it be?
“I would like to regulate the overuse of hormones and growth additives in our cattle.”

Story and Photo by
Jack and Pam Fortner


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