Chris and Jerri Harrison

Location:  Westville, Okla.

In Town:  Chris said, “I am a pastor in Westville, Okla., which is a small-town community where people are homegrown and mostly farm oriented. My church, Tabernacle of Praise, is non-denominational and has community outreach programs. I also visit hospitals and have many home visitations.”
“I work at Gates Rubber in Siloam Springs, Ark., as a packer and have done so for 21 years,” said Jerri, Chris’ wife.

In the Country:  Chris said, “We have 30 acres with 15 quarter horses that are mostly for pleasure and recreation. Our place is about three miles outside of town. It’s a quaint little place with great neighbors.”
Then Jerri added, “I love not living right next door to someone. It is really peaceful. I don’t ride but I was more involved with the horses when my son was showing.”

How do the two parts of your lives complement each other?
Jerri said, “Our town life allows us to have the country life.”
Then Chris said, “Pastoring has allowed me to enjoy the freedom of the country life. I get up early about 6 and do my chores. Because most of my pastoring duties take place in the afternoon and evenings, this works out really well. The bottom line is that the farm life is our recreation and hobby while town life is our work, and both are good.”

Story and Photo by Terry Ropp


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