City Fuel

Owners:  Shane and Darla Davenport
Location:  On the square in Yellville, Ark.

Products and Services:  Shane and Darla sell a complete line of automotive and agricultural-related lubricants and filters. They also are a full-service gas station that provides ethanol-free gas. City Fuel is one of the few service stations in northern Arkansas that will actually pump gas, wash windshields and check oil for their customers. The historic building, located in downtown Yellville, Ark., has been a service station since the late ‘40s. The Davenports also sell diesel, including off-road diesel. In addition, they have a full-line of batteries and bulk oil products. City Fuel is open six days a week, Monday through Saturday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., in order to serve the people in the agriculture industry that work a second job in town.

Service philosophy:  To provide a friendly atmosphere and offer customers the services they need at a competitive price.

Future goals:  “We are always adding to our inventory to better serve the agricultural community,” Shane said. He added, “We genuinely appreciate people’s business, we really do. That’s the biggest deal. Service in any industry is a rare, dying thing anymore. We are trying to provide it. We want people to come here and let us be their full-service station.”

Story and Photo by Jack and Pam Fortner


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