Quality Feed

Manger:  Kirk Delk
Location:  4617 Hwy. 65 S., Harrison, Ark.

History:  Quality Feed was established in 1982 by the Olson family. The Olsons have owned and operated the feed store and mill for more than 38 years. Ten months ago Quality Feed expanded into Harrison, Ark., with Kayla Wallace as the new store manager. Kirk said, “Our downtown store is what we’re targeting right now. It’s convenient for people.” Quality Feed has 15 employees.

What services do you provide?
Kirk Delk, manager of the Bellefonte, Ark., location, says Quality Feed provides feed and products for the equine, cattle and poultry farmer. They have animal health supplies and even sell chicks in season. Kirk said, “We’ve sold over 3,500 chickens this year.” Kirk adds that they will custom mix rations for customers and sell and service bulk feed containers. He said, “Since we mix our own feeds, we can supply just about any mix a farmer wants. We have our own mill and grind our own feed. There are several trucks a day bringing materials to the mill.” Kirk also said that the Harrison store, in addition to traditional feeds, also has pest, garden and yard supplies.

What is Quality Feed’s business philosophy?
“Customer service is our number one priority. We try to earn their business. We try to call customers by name and let them know how important they are to us. People are going to trade where they want to. Price is second.”

Story and Photo by Jack and Pam Fortner


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