Reliable Poultry Supply

Owners: Tim Momont, J.L. Flynt, Johnny Williams

Locations: Green Forest, Ark., Springdale, Ark., Neosho, Mo. and a truss plant in Westville, Okla.
Tim Momont is the part-owner and manages of the Green Forest, Ark., location.

Company History: "We've been in business for over 30 years, since the mid-70s. Fred Barnhill started the business. He recently decided to retire and we took over sometime in October of last year."

What products and services do you offer?
"We offer complete turn-key packages including buildings, plumbing and electric, and equipment for the turkey and broiler industry. The premier brand we carry is Chore-Time. We have independent contractors that install and construct our buildings for us. Another big thing is we have a complete service department and we service all brands of equipment."

What is your biggest challenge staying ahead of competition?
"When you're selling the premier brand, you're always more expensive than your competitors. We have differences in our equipment over theirs, in the way we build our buildings and the way we service our equipment. Our service guys are experienced to fix everything we sell, and we stock a large volume of repair parts. The thing that has always set us apart in this business in the past is the service after the sale. That's what has made Reliable Poultry Supply strong. The integrators and customers know we'll be there to fix it if it breaks down. I guess the challenge for staying ahead of competition is convincing people of value of service and value of the Chore-Time product we sell."

Where do you see the business going in the future?
"The near future is gonna be a boom for us. There's a lot of construction going on in this area and a lot of older houses having to be updated. The future for the industry looks very promising. Poultry meat is a great value in the supermarkets and our economy is tightening, so people will surely eat more poultry."

What's your company motto?
"Reliable Poultry Supply. Our name says it all."

By OFN Staff


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