Owners: Brock Jolly (pictured) and Travis Sizemore

Location: Fayetteville, Ark.

History: “Like most young boys, I was fascinated with trucks and trailers and other big boy toys. I moved to Northwest Arkansas 12 years ago and worked for FedEx and USA Trucking. During that time, I saw two different trailer sales businesses start with one piece of equipment and develop into solid, thriving businesses. I wanted independence and the ability to manage my own business when what I saw sparked the idea of opening my own trailer business. My childhood fascination matured into the future I was looking for. I shared my idea with my longtime friend Travis Sizemore, and we became partners. Buying property on Highway 412 was too cost prohibitive when real estate agent Bob Hopmann found a small gravel lot with no water or electricity on the south side of Fayetteville. The location was perfect because it was near the junction of Business Route 71 and Highway 45 which made it easily assessable for everyone but especially so for farmers. Travis’ experience showed him that in the last five or six years, many trailer manufacturers have been bought out by big corporations. The streamlining process also decreased quality. I like the versatility of the trailer field and love the innovation. We decided to go with Diamond C out of Mount Pleasant, Texas, because the company is family owned and therefore not subject to corporate streamlining. Family owned also means values that align with my customer base including providing high-quality products combined with innovations that customers value.”

Products and Services: “While we work with commercial consumers such as construction companies, we also pride ourselves on helping the agriculture industry. We have a variety of gooseneck models that range from 25 to 53 feet in length. An important innovation is the Fleetneck series, which features a patented I-beam engineered to produce a stronger yet lighter connection with the best strength-to-weight ratio of any steel frame gooseneck trailer available. Some options include air ride suspension, sway control, and a 12-foot hydraulic dovetail with a lower load angle that is safer and more efficient. This means the local farmer can stack more hay bales and carry more weight while staying within regulations. We also have hay tractors with brush hogs, skid steers, balers, implements, just about anything a farmer might need. We offer delivery and general maintenance with an evolving parts department.”

Philosophy and Future: “We opened last February, just before the coronavirus grabbed national attention and fostered restrictive lifestyle changes. Nonetheless, our business has prospered, we are constantly ordering new trailers. Our first priority is developing long-lasting relationships with customers rather than the sale because reputation is based on trust and proof that you are as good as your word. If everything continues as is now, we are looking forward to opening a service shop with certified mechanics.”


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