Homestead Tractor

Owner: Ed Stingley

Location: 702 Weir Road, Russellville, Ark.

Company History:    “Homestead Tractor has been in business about 35 to 40 years. I have owned it since 1986.  It was at a different location then, on Highway 7 South. I moved it here in 1992. I’m a farmer and farmed row crops for many years. I got into this late in life.”

Products and Services:  “We are a rental business as well as an agricultural business. We are a three or four-tiered company, when you think about it. We sell products for ag-construction, agriculture and rentals. We sell parts and whole goods and environmental goods and environmental application equipment, like pumps, spreaders and things like that. We sell those to some of the big environmental companies as well as individual hog farmers.”

Staying Ahead of the Competition:  “It may sound like a cliché, but what makes us successful is that we provide not only service and sales, but we do it from a simple rule. It’s the ‘Do Right’ rule. You can go out there to the shop and ask anybody you see what our rules and regulations are. Every one of them will tell you we have just one rule, and that’s the ‘Do Right’ rule. We are sensitive to everyone’s needs and genuinely care about the satisfaction of our customers.”

Business Philosophy:  We provide goods and services that are reasonably priced and we take care of the customer. We work hard and do right.”


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