Times are getting tough for everyone. Recent occurrences on my parent’s farm have reminded me of this. No, I’m not talking about the effects of the drought – I’m talking economically.
On the back 40 acres of my parent’s farm, sits an old farmhouse full of hidden treasures. My parents bought this old farmhouse and the 40 acres in an estate sale. My dad has always wanted this farm for several reasons. First, it joined his existing farm. Second, he grew up on part of the 40 acres and the foundation of his childhood home is still there. Lastly, his godparents owned the farmhouse and he spent a lot of time as a kid playing there. Needless to say, when the property came up for sale, my dad was anxious to buy it.
The problem with this farmhouse is it sits close enough to the gravel road that it can be seen as you drive by and most everyone around here knows it sits empty.
Recently, we noticed that someone has been scavenging through the old house and barn stealing anything and everything that can be scrapped.
We first realized this when an antique teal wood and electric cook stove went missing. They must have swooped in, like thieves in the night, without us or our neighbors noticing. It would have taken some serious manpower and time to load up this old cook stove. They must have backed their truck up right to the front porch.
This isn’t the only thing that has gone missing from what we can tell. Someone has stripped the well house and water heater of copper, taken barbwire fencing, an antique potbelly stove and even an old washer and dryer. But who knows what else. It must take a lot of scouting to pull off a job like this and more than likely multiple trips – kind of unbelievable and disheartening if you ask me.
It’s not so much the fact that this stuff is worth anything, or perhaps nothing, it’s more about the moral principle behind it. Yes, the stuff has been sitting there unused for many years but if that is what my dad chooses to do with it, how can someone think they have the right to take it?
My parents have owned this old farmhouse for many years and this is the first time we have had a problem, or one that we know of at least. I’m sure we aren’t the only ones experiencing this. Prices for scrap metal are high and unfortunately some people will do whatever it takes to make a buck, whether it is the right or wrong way to do so. So beware.
God bless,


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