Name:  Lauren Cheevers
School:  Greenland Junior High School
4-H Group:  Greenland 4-H, 4-H Leader Joyce Cheevers
Parents:  Joyce and Stacey Cheevers.  Two older sisters, Ashton and Alicia

How did you first get involved in agriculture?
“I’ve always lived on a farm (Lauren’s parents have a broiler operation for Georges) since I was born, so I’ve always been around animals. We always went to the fair to see the cattle and other animals. I’ve been showing since I was seven, when I borrowed a friend’s calf to show in peewee, and I’ve been showing ever since. I show cattle, this year I had a Red Angus heifer. This year for the first year I showed a goat, and I also for the first time showed my Corgi, Daisy. I also show chickens.”

How did your show season go this year?
“I did pretty good, in my first year with my meat goat, I got 4th out of 16. My heifer got champion red Angus, she also made sale. My puppy, which I thought would just be for fun, did really well, I got Grand Champion Female Purebred and Fourth in Handling. So, we’re really excited, it’s been one of the best fairs.”

What are your goals and plans for the future?
“I've always wanted to become a vet, I always want to be around animals. I also someday want to have a farm in Wyoming. I’ve always loved Wyoming since a family trip to Wyoming. I also want to learn to barrel race!”

What have you learned from being involved in agriculture?
“The main thing is responsibility, you learn a lot taking care of your animals-that’s your animal to take care of, and always to have a good time. When you go to a show, you go to learn and make friends.  My best friend now is another girl I met at a show, who had the same breed of heifer I had.”

By Stephanie Burroughs


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