Name: Lori Smith
4-H Group: Huntsville, Ark.  4-H Explorers
Parents:  Barbara and Rick Smith
4-H Leader: Barbara Smith
Ag Teachers: Steve Johnson and Jerrick Hutchinson

How did you get your start in 4-H?
“I was five when I started showing my bottle calf Suzy Q, although I was really involved before that by helping my brother Johnny who was involved in the pullet chain.  That’s how I became interested in chickens.  My mom and dad also both had chickens when they were growing up.”

What is your favorite thing about being involved in agriculture and 4-H?  
“It gives you character, I just can’t imagine not being involved in 4-H.  It’s given me so many experiences, people skills, and has taught me so much responsibility.  You meet so many different types of folks along the way, it really teaches you how to deal with life situations.”

What do you love most about having chickens?
“I love selling them to private people, going to the Madison County Livestock auction to sell there.  I love all the breeds I’m able to raise: Blue Andalusians, White Leghorns, Black Jersey Giants, Silkies, Polish, Seabrights, and many others.”

What do you enjoy about raising all the different breeds?
“I love that it affects so many people from eggs to birds, it’s such a huge industry.  I donate birds to the local daycare for them to raise.  I also enjoy helping teach others about them.”

What 4-H teams have you been involved in?
“I started poultry judging when I was nine years old.  We won state and went to nationals.  I also won state and went to nationals with our horse judging team.” Lori is an Arkansas Teen Star and an Ambassador, which is the highest achievement possible in 4-H.  Additionally, she’s gone to Washington D.C. Focus, won the Beef Cookoff, attended the Poultry youth conference, has been junior fair queen, won the Kohl’s Cares for Kids award, and more.  
By Stephanie Crawley


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