Ozarks Roots-Blown Away to a New Breed

Farmers know firsthand that sometimes life will hand you more than your fair share of lemons. 2006 and 2007 brought Don and Kathy Sissel’s thriving cattle farm a devastating tornado, draught, and the crippling Ozarks’ ice storm.  Farming hasn’t been easy for Don and Kathy, especially the last couple of years; nevertheless, they’ve done what good farmers do – adapted, persisted, and focused on the things that mattered most. 

Marketing the Whole Goat

When Chuck and Lacey Donaldson moved from South Carolina to their farm in Laclede County, Mo., in December of 2000, it was “a life-change," said Lacey.  She said that she grew up as a city girl, but spent summers on her aunt’s farm near Poplar Bluff, Mo.  Chuck, a native of Wisconsin, spent several years on his grandparents’ farm when his mother contracted tuberculosis while he was a young boy.  Due to his experience with severe winter weather, Missouri was as far north as he cared to move.

Short but Sweet

On 19 acres in Dallas County, 21-year-old Tara Carter trains miniature horses and ponies, and loves every minute.  Although living with her parents, Roy and Barbara, Tara is very independent.
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