The Quest for the Perfect Cow

Taylor Farms located in St. Joe, Ark., is a study in breeds. Brent and Robin Taylor, along with Brent’s parents, Duford and Rosalee Taylor,...

From Bottle Calves to a Ranch

Oklahoma woman’s dream of a raising Angus cattle began with by raising Holstein bottle calves For Shanda Coppedge, the cattle business started out with long...

Building a Wagyu Market

Earl and Annette Rowe promote the benefits of Wagyu genetics Try to imagine going to Las Vegas and hitting a jackpot for $100,000. Next is...

Ozarks Roots-Little Willie the Wonder Tractor

Two necessary traits are inherent in every successful Arkansas farmer.  One is the ability to accept change for the better.  The other is knowing when to hold onto something that is uncommonly good.

The Fame of Hawleywoods

After more than three decades, mules are still a way of life for Loyd Hawley “I’ve ridden horses since I was 2 or 3 years...

Going Home To Raise Cattle

Mike Flynn’s career path was finally compete when he retired and was able to raise cattle fulltime A writer named Thomas Wolfe once wrote a...

More Than Just For the Sale

Eddie Kinzer’s career in the Hereford business started in 1961 when he sold a pony that kept throwing him and bought his first Hereford heifer from Clint Waldon, a longtime Hereford breeder in northwest Arkansas. 

Sound Bulls Are Family Business

Nestled in the rolling hills of Greenwood, Ark., is the home of Charolais breeders Jim and Reba Bray. The hard work ethic and family morals Mr. Bray learned growing up on a post-depression farmstead have proved to be a blessing to his family. He speaks of the good ole days with fondness. "The dollar went a lot further then, if you could get a dollar. You went to the store once a month, bought your flour and sugar. That was it. Always had a garden, hens and stock." But growth in the Fort Smith/Van Buren, Ark., area has brought many changes to local lifestyles, and the Bray family is making the adjustment. After the Highway 71 bypass changed traffic patterns, and their home burned four years ago, the Brays built a new home farther from the road on a rise that overlooks the creek and their cattle pastures.

Taylor Hawk Farms is Ideal for Highlands


When a visitor pulls in to the Taylor Hawk Farms driveway, they might think they were in the midst of Scotland, with the steep hills and pastures, beautiful trees and mountains that surround a picturesque home with barns and working pens.

A Passion for Family and Cattle

Jared and Lacey Standridge purchased their ‘dream’ property and began a ranch  Jared and Lacey Standridge are living a fulfilled vision of living on the...
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