Evan Carlton of Marble, Arkansas enjoys showing steers at the Madison County Fair. He is the son of Scott and Tara Carlton. Submitted Photo.
Submitted Photo

Age: 11

Parents: Scott and Tara Carlton 

Hometown: Marble, Ark.

Sibling: Sister, A.J.

What is Evan’s involvement in the family farm?

Evan is “quite the hand” around the farm. After school, he feeds and waters calves and show steers, feeds horses and drives the tractor to help his dad on their two farms. Evan helps his dad haul sawdust for their commercial chicken houses and prepare houses for new birds. Evan will sometimes work from early in the evening until 5 a.m.

Other agriculture-related activities: Evan enjoys showing steers at the Madison County Fair. His steer, Sam, is a Simmental. Evan enjoys the docility of the Simmental breed. One of his favorite parts when showing steers is the maintenance; washing, fluffing and practicing. He takes great pride in his work.

After Evan and his friends are done showing, he likes to ride his steer to his stall. 

“It’s great because he doesn’t have to walk to far and everyone gets a good laugh,” he said. 

Evan is also showing his goat, Dale. Dale is a Nubian-Boer cross. Evan said goats are comical and a bit challenging, but their “cuteness” makes up for the challenge. 

Evan also has three horses: Buddy, Thor and Charger. 

Evan likes participating in local ranch rodeos on Buddy and is also going to use Thor in this upcoming season. Evan and Buddy participate in the timed events. These timed events challenge Evan, pushing his skills to the limit. 

In these events he must tie down a steer, rope a steer, put a steer in a trailer and rope the third steer and drag it into a pen.

He likes ranch rodeos because they are everyday skills he gets to perform on the farm. 

Evan’s future plans: When Evan grows up, he wants to own a farm and raise small herd of Hereford cattle and break colts for people. Evan loves Herefords for their build and disposition, and he also wants Quarter horses for their athletic ability and temperament.

Evan thinks agriculture is really important because without agriculture the world would have no food.


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