Jeremy and Kim Clayton of Afton, Oklahoma are the owners of Clayton Corner Farm. Submitted Photo.
Submitted Photo

Location: Afton, Okla.

Owners: Jeremy and Kim Clayton

History: When Jeremy and Kim Clayton moved to their property in Afton, Okla., in 2016, it had a chute and working system. However, that system didn’t work well for their horned Scottish Highland cattle.

“It was very difficult,” Kim said. “The alleyway that was there, we couldn’t use it or the chute. That put us on the hunt for a chute that would work.”

Jeremy found 4 Rivers Ranch Equipment, which is manufactured in Gilmer, Texas.

“We went down to check out the chute in person and found out we loved it,” Kim said. “It’s a fully galvanized chute, and the bars are horizontal so the cows can get in the chute even with their horns. It’s also designed for one-person operation. With our old squeeze chute, I could not operate it by myself. I wasn’t strong enough to pull up the tailgate, and it had ropes and such. With this squeeze chute, I can operate it all by myself and stay behind the cow through the chute and catch their head.”

Kim, who had limited farming experience before moving to their Afton farm, added the system is simple but safe for the cattle and the operator.

“I’m protecting the cows, and myself, by handling them safely and effectively,” Kim said. 

The quality of the product and the ease of operation prompted the Claytons and Clayton Corner Farm to become distributors of the 4 Rivers Ranch Equipment line about six months ago. 

“In visiting with the owner, we found out it wasn’t available in our area, and that’s when we decided to become distributors,” Kim said. 

Products and services: Jeremy and Kim offer delivery and set up of 4 Rivers Ranch Equipment, including chutes, tub systems, panels, full corral setups, load-out ramps and other 4 Rivers-made products. 

In addition to offering their fellow producers a quality product, Jeremy and Kim have enjoyed meeting new people from across the region. 

“We have met some great people,” Kim said. “Having good equipment is something we are passionate about, but it’s all about the people; we love getting out and meeting people.”

The couple is open to offering other products in the future but plans to focus on the 4 Rivers Ranch Equipment line.


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