Heavener Feed

Owner: David Yoder
Location: Heavener, Okla.

History: Originally from Pennsylvania, David Yoder moved to Oklahoma in 1996. In his home state, he operated a milk-veal operation for 16 years.
“I have lived in Heavener since 2001,” he said. “I had an opportunity to buy the store eight years ago and have always enjoyed animals so this business keeps me in touch with them. I also bought property across the street and erected a new 5,000 square-foot retail facility two years ago, using the old one for storage. The new facility provides easier access for customers and trailers as well as loading. I have six full-time and part-time employees.”

Products and Services: Heavener Feeds sells Big V Feeds, Nutrina, and ADM Mormons bagged feeds, in addition to bulk feed from Livestock Nutrition Feed in Keota, Okla.
“We have feed for horses, goats, sheep, cattle, pets and even parrots, as well as milk replacer for calves, lambs, goats, kittens and puppies,” David explained. “We also have to horse muffin treats, and we also carry saddles and general tack for horses.”
Other supplies of interest to farmers are gates, bunks, creep feeders, veterinary supplies, rope and temporary electric fencing.
“We have a wide range of bagged fertilizers, as well as farm and lawn grass seeds in addition to spring garden supplies, such as starter plants and a variety of fruit, vegetable and herb seeds.” In terms of clothing the store carries Noble coats, vests and boots, as well as Bogs boots.
“One interesting service that farmers especially appreciate is the feed store being an official weather station for Weather Underground,” David said. “Local farmers use the information, especially during haying season.”

Philosophy and future: “People have a choice of where they buy their farming, gardening and related products,” David said. “We tried to have the best customer service by knowing our customers and helping them make cost-efficient decisions about their purchases. This is a Christian-based business with the 10 Commandments proudly displayed by the front entrance. I look forward to being able to service this community, as God blesses.”


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