Warren Welding, Inc.

Owners: Brothers Jimmy D. Warren, President; and Steve Warren, Secretary/Treasurer

Location: Located two and a half miles south of Berryville, Ark. on Highway 21 South.

Company History: Jimmy Warren was working for a construction company running heavy equipment when he bought his first welder. He ended up working on the construction company’s equipment more than he ran the equipment and so he quit and started Warren Welding in January of 1978. He and his brother have been in business now for 30 years and have two other employees.

Products and Services: In addition to all types of general welding, ornamental ironwork and trailer repair, Warren Welding has been in the generator business since 1990 with their Deutz diesel-powered generators, mainly used on poultry operations. In July 2007, they began selling and servicing LP natural gas home automatic standby generators called the Guardian by Generac  — everything from small units up to 150 kW units. They also distribute for several different truck bed companies — either flat beds, or bale beds.
Their motto, “You Dream It, We’ll Build It,” shows they can be as creative as you need when it comes to welding any type of metal from iron to steel to stainless.

Business Philosophy: “We try to make people happy and treat them the way they want to be treated,” said Steve. “God’s hand is in all of it.” They believe in service after the sale. “If we are going to sell it, we are going to service it. That is something we strive for all the time.”
He predicts that with today’s higher gas prices, they will see a lot more repair work than new sales.

Plans for the future: “We are expanding,” said Steve. They just built a 4,000 square foot space for the generators that will be used for storage as well as engine repair and overhaul.

By Janell Robertson


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