Todd Hungerford of Marshfield, Missouri is the Webster County Treasurer and he currently has a 50-acre farm.
Photo by Brenda Brinkley

Hometown: Marshfield, Mo.

Family: Wife Becca

In Town: Todd Hungerford is the Webster County Treasurer. He has served in that position for almost four years. “I really like numbers. I love doing math and crunching numbers,” he said. He believes his job as treasurer is the perfect position. “I just take all the money that comes into the county and put it where it needs to go. I disperse the money where it needs to go.”  

He works as treasurer five days a week, with no employees. His job is taking care of the county’s bank accounts, and making sure they are all correct. “I take all the money in and oversee all that goes out. I balance the checkbooks. A collector collects the money and brings it to me. I disperse it to intended purposes. I don’t write all the checks, but I have to sign all of them,” he said.

In the Country: Todd and his wife Becca have lived on their current 50-acre farm since 1999. Todd raised mules and horses for between 15 to 20 years. 

“As I got older, it became a lot more work training mules and horses,” Todd said. 

Although his wife’s mule didn’t need to be trained. 

“We had a mule that we went out to the Grand Canyon and picked up for my wife. It took the first quadriplegic person down to the Grand Canyon. She might be able to ride one that is tame,” he stated. Todd has taken pack mules to Colorado and packed Elk on them. “I really enjoyed doing that,” he stated.

Now he raises cows for beef. 

“I take them to market every year. I used to have about 20 head, but I’ve cut back,” he said. “I have 13 total now and they’re mixed breed, but I prefer the Hereford. I love Hereford cattle, the way they look, their disposition, everything about a Hereford that you could come up with. But most of mine are mixed,” he said.

Todd also has one hog. “She is about 700 pounds and more of a pet than anything. I can’t get rid of her now, she’s just a pet,” he said.

Future Plans: “I’ve been trying to lean a little more toward Hereford, using a Hereford bull. As they get older, I think I’ll replace them with all Herefords,” he said. “I lease a Hereford bull from a neighbor.”


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