Age: 14

Parents: Jim and Palika Morse

4-H Club: West Fork 4-H

Leader: Tracy Roebke

What is your 4-H project and what you like about it?

“My area is in nutrition and food preservation, such as dehydrating lemons to put in water, which enhances the taste and nutrition, as well as promoting drinking more water, an important part of health.”

Favorite 4-H moment, awards

“My sister started community service when she was 5 but I started at 3, even before I joined 4-H. With the Presidential Service Award Gold Medal requiring 100 hours of annual community service, I also worked in food banks, packaging and distribution. However, my sister and I have also made over 600 masks for the COVID pandemic, with most used locally, though some went to a nursing home in Louisiana.”

What is the most important thing you have learned in 4-H?

“The goal of 4-H is to build good leaders who incorporate what they learn into other parts of their lives. Belonging to 4-H has made me a better leader, especially in public speaking which now comes easy. I remember performing a demonstration on how to cook rice in a rice cooker when I was 5. Now I am a part of the Project Prevention Youth Coalition at my school with my current public speaking focusing on the dangers of E-cigarettes in addition to other dangers, such as cigarettes in general, alcohol and drugs.”

What are your future plans?

“I just recently figured out what I want to do. I was helping my sister look through information on colleges and majors when I saw sports psychology as an option. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had found my future career.”

What would you tell someone about 4-H?

“Explaining the value of being involved with community service and learning life skills is where I would start. Then I would explain how diverse 4-H is and how useful it can be in finding a career that is also a passion.”


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