Owner: Philip Cannon

Location: Drasco, Ark.

History: “I worked at the Skil Corporation for a number of years as a group leader over two assembly lines building power tools,” Cannon’s Farm Center owner Philip Cannon said. “I left in 2006 and began working at a local feed store. When the opportunity arose to buy a feed store in my hometown of Drasco. I purchased it and three years later, in 2010, found to be more financially feasible to move the business to my home in the country. I already had a shop building, and I converted the building to a feed store by adding a storefront and a dock. It’s still a small store, but I have it crammed full keeping me, one full-time employee and wife Mary plenty busy.”

Products and Services: “I sell mostly bagged goods with Powell products being the most prevalent though I also carry some products from Oakley, Hirsch and Nutrena. For cattle, I sell bagged feed from 7 to 14 percent protein, but also offer totes or bulk bags weighing from 1,300 to 2,000 pounds, as well as a variety of formats available for goats, sheep, horses, pigs and rabbits, in addition to Value-Pak and Diamond foods for dogs and cats. Taking care of Fido and the barn cats is important. I carry a line of vaccines for livestock, as well as annual vaccines for dogs and cats. Basic horse tack, such as bridles, halters and horseshoes has its own special corner. During show season, I carry show supplies with Mormons show feed available year-round as a way of helping 4-H and FFA kids. The more we can teach the young ones about agriculture the better advocates they will be. Another part of my business is bagged forage seeds, including grass seed such as Winter Hawk ryegrass and Kentucky 31 fescue. I support these, as well as other grasses and gardening supplies with potting soil, mulch, bagged fertilizer and garden dust as well as herbicides and insecticides. In the spring I carry bedding plants, flowers and hanging baskets. Packet seeds don’t sell well here so I offer bulk seeds that save my customers money. I have a variety of garden tools, such as rakes, garden shovels, hoes and handles, in addition to water hoses and sprinklers. Because my clientele is heavily rural, I carry equipment maintenance fluids such as oils, grease fuel treatments and hydraulic fluids. Farmers have to be a jack of all trades, so electrical and plumbing supplies are available in addition to homemade staples, such as jellies, jams, honey and molasses. We offer delivery service and will deliver one bag to whatever the customer needs. Finally, pasture and hay field spraying equipment are available for rent.”

Philosophy and Future: “Of course, we do the best we can to provide whatever the customer needs, which includes custom ordering. Additionally, I will expand as needed to help my community function as efficiently as possible.”


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