Owner: Shawn Lee

Location: Vian, Oklahoma

History: “I grew up in Akins, Okla., where my parents Delbert and Becky Lee owned and operated a convenience/feed store with my dad retiring from the feed business in 1994,” owner Shawn Lee said. “Now my dad and I run a commercial cattle ranch and I have my own feed store. Since I knew the feed business from my childhood, starting one of my own made sense. In 2002, I built the facility I am using now.”

Products and Services: “Vian is a small town and my feed store meets the needs of the community. When I started out, I changed oil for people because the other places in town just sold gas and I needed something to help until my business grew. I once considered closing the oil changing section when the feed business took off, but it’s just too popular and people are patient. I carry vet supplies and sell all kinds of livestock feed including, show feeds. In addition to selling Mid-America cattle feed by the bag, I also sell a 14-percent protein bulk four-way commodity mix of wheat mibs, distillers’ grain, soy hulls and corn. This is my third season for doing so, and the mix is proving to be very popular all year-round, even in summer when feed needs drop due to grass availability. Typically, I sell two semi loads a week. For horses I offer Show Sheen and Main ‘n Tail shampoos and conditioners. Show Tech by ADM focuses mostly on pigs and lambs while ADM supplies my chicken needs including 18-percent protein Chicken Grower and 20-percent protein Egg Maker. Other poultry supplies I carry are hen scratch and laying pellets. ADM’s Master Gain loose mineral, as well as salt blocks, sulfur blocks and sack salt are available. In the spring I sell gardening plants and support products such as bagged fertilizer, pasture spray 2-4 D, Grazon Next, Remedy and Round-Up. Of course, I have dog and cat food, and if somebody has a sweet tooth, I have locally-made peanut brittle, honey and jellies.”

Future: “I’m pretty happy with the way things are now, but I’m always open to some expansion if that seems like a good idea at the time.”


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