Hometown: Lamar, Mo.

Family: Parents Tom and Tauna Frieden, brother and sister-in-law Justin and Kaycia Frieden

In Town: Jason Frieden began working as a precision specialist for MFA in Lamar, Mo., in July 2013. Three and half years ago, he came to MFA Carytown as a location manager, conducting sales, inventory management, bookkeeping and custom application as needed. When new products come down the line at MFA, Jason likes to buy the product to bring home to his family farm to see how it works. This allows him to give experienced feedback to farmers and helps him promote the product. 

“Working with the farmers in this area is what I enjoy most about my job. We have a really good group of farmers around here and they are a lot of fun to work with. Just helping them be successful with their farming practices is what I like to see.” 

In the Country: Jason is a fourth-generation farmer and grew up on his family’s farm in Lamar, Mo. He earned a degree in animal science with a minor in agronomy from Missouri State University. He currently lives in Jasper, Mo., on his great-grandparent’s farm. He farms with his parents, Tom and Tauna Frieden, and brother and sister-in-law, Justin and Kaycia Frieden, raising cattle and row crops both at the farm he lives on and back at his homestead in Lamar. Together, they currently have 80 head of crossbred SimAngus and about 750 to 800 acres of row crops, rotating corn, soybeans and wheat. They also custom hay for several farmers in the area. 

“Working with the family is really nice. My dad has always been mechanically inclined, and my brother is a diesel mechanic. We cover each other’s weaknesses.” 

The family rotates jobs on the farm throughout the year, depending on their schedules. 

Jason said they are beginning to use chemical impregnated fertilizer to keep weed control down throughout the summer. They have also started some grid sampling and would like to begin using cover crops to see what kind of success they have. 

“I love working with the cattle and trying to improve our genetics along with seeing the results of when we wean and sell. I have gotten to where I like some of the row crop a little bit better because of MFA, but cattle have always been my passion on the farm.”


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