Hometown: Searcy, Ark.

In Town: Coty works at Loves Midway in Searcy, Ark., which is near his father Sammy Bell’s ranch and machine shop, which was formerly the old sawmill until it burned in early 2000. Terra works as a patient care tech at Children’s Hospital, working 12-hour shifts. She is hoping to pursue nursing school soon.

In the Country: Coty and Terra run a Boer goat operation that started in 2005 when Coty was 13 years old. It began with the purchase of a Boer doe and buck from Silver Hills farm in St. Joe, Ark. They have around 50 chickens, 70 Boer goats, two ponies, a donkey and a pig.

“Every year I buy and show does to add back into the herd. Most of our does have been born and raised here. We also have registered full-blood ABGA bucks. We do our best to bring in good quality animals with good genetics every couple of years. We primarily sell our kids to 4-H and FFA members to serve as market goat projects or animals to get them started with their herd. We also have around 30 head of Shorthorn and commercial cattle that, for the most part, were all past show animals from my youth, some that we purchased as well as raised,” Coty said.

“We do our best to help any kid willing to learn. I thrive on seeing the light in kids’ eyes when they talk about their projects and plan the future it reminds me of my youth and the same fire that was within me.”

Coty has recently started fitting and working with show cattle for kids, showing all across the state.

“We do our best to maintain and take care of our animals, in addition to our jobs, as well as trying to stay current with an ever-changing industry, but not sacrificing quality to do so,” Coty said. “I was introduced to the livestock industry from the moment I was born. Growing up on a family farm is a privilege that not many children get to experience. I am extremely grateful to my mom, dad and brothers, who have helped me get started and supported me through it all. And eternally grateful to my grandfather Wallace Bell, who provided me and my brothers with our first cow many years ago.”

They are working on their land, building barns, getting all the animals moved over onto their 20 acres, and working on building a house on top of the hill.

Their goals are to continue to raise quality livestock and influence as many youth as possible, and serve as an advocate and role model for the industry. They hope to be able to expand their livestock operations into neighboring states and become more recognized within the state of Arkansas.


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