Hometown: Lamar, MO

Family: Wife, Erin; sons, Knox and Briggs

In Town: Brant Harvey is a multi-line insurance agent for Missouri Farm Bureau in Greenfield, Mo.

“I have really enjoyed sitting down and getting to know clients and determining what coverage’s best fit each ones personal needs wether it be for their farm or home, their auto, life insurance or even for a business they run. It is a career that has really offered me the opportunity to feel like I help people in some there most dire times of need.

In the Country: “While growing up, I ran cattle with my parents, raising club calves. We raised and sold both steers and heifers to kids all over the country. We raised several champions in Texas and Oklahoma in the mid 2000s. Since getting married to my wife, Erin, we have started out own herd, running around 35 head of ‘maternal bred’ cows. Mainly Simmi-Maine based. In the last year, we have got into the Hereford business, with my boys, Knox and Briggs, buying and showing a heifer.

“By far my favorite thing about our family farm is watching my boys grow up on it. Watching Knox work hard at home getting his heifer ready for the Ozark Empire Fair and the Missouri State Fair, then watching him in the ring makes everything worth it. We have a few years before Briggs will be in the ring, but for now he enjoys watching and helping his big brother.

“We plan to continue down the path to grow our more commercial herd, and also continue purchasing Hereford heifers for both of our boys to show and incorporating them into our herd. Hopefully the show heifers will raise good enough show heifers and herd bulls to help them purchase future animals as well as start their own herds.”


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