Parents: Ray and Carrie Holson

Hometown: Springdale, Ark.

FFA Chapter: Har-Ber High School

Advisor: Patti Priest

4-H Club: Hogeye 4-H Club

Leader: Kristi Weaver

What is your favorite aspect of agriculture?

“Showing livestock because it’s a good life experience and I get to meet new people but most importantly because I get to work with animals.”

Who is the most influential person in your life?

“My dad is because he works off the farm every day and then comes home to begin his farm work. He encourages me to be the best I can be by expecting the same kind of work out of me because I have to do chores even when I’m tired. He also teaches me about farm life by having me help him do new things like building fence.”

What is your current involvement in agriculture?

“I get to be on the Har-Ber Livestock Judging Team because this is the first year that they have allowed junior high students to be involved. I really enjoy being on the team because I learn how to judge all of the different kinds of livestock rather than just the sheep and goats we have at home. Other agricultural activities include showing as well as feeding and watering the dogs, sheep and goats twice a day. When we work our livestock, I hold an animal while my father vaccinates because I’m not too fond of doing that.”

What are some of your agricultural memories?

“When I was 6, I showed a goat for the first time. When I was walking into the ring, my dad told me not to let go. As I was entering the ring, my goat got spooked and dragged me all around. I did exactly what he told me to do and ate a lot of dirt, letting go only after they caught it. This spring I worked with a sheep breeder and helped work her lambs, got them ready to sell and even sold a few. Now that’s something I want to do in my life.”

What are your future plans?

“I want to be a vet for both large and small animals which means working both in the clinic and out on the farm, but I also want to be a sheep breeder because I want other kids to have the same kinds of opportunities that I have had.”


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