Family: Wife, Cindy; children Sarah (17), Molly (16), Elijah (11), Hannah (10) and Asher (6 months)

Hometown: Bald Knob, Ark.

In Town: Jamie works a 40-hour job in town as an assistant general manager at a large hotel. Cindy is a homemaker and homeschools the children, and helps on the farm as needed as well.

Their four older children are active in 4-H. Sarah is currently serving as a 4-H state officer. Sarah and Molly both hold offices in the White County 4-H Teen Leaders Club. Sarah serves as the secretary and Molly serves as the recreation leader. The kids are members of the local Velvet Ridge 4-H club as well. Molly serves as a reporter, and Elijah serves as treasurer.

In the Country: They have lived on their farm since Jamie and Cindy were married more than 20 years ago. Jamie spent part of his childhood on a portion of the land after moving there while he was in junior high. The land joins Jamie’s father’s land, where he raises cattle. Jamie and his family are currently using about 70 acres for their farm.

“Our primary focus is miniature Jerseys, KuneKune pigs and Nigerian dwarf dairy goats. Our goal is to provide quality livestock for aspiring homesteaders and families with a calm and gentle animal that is suited for a small space or a small family,” Jamie said. “We think these three breeds fit that niche perfectly. In addition we also actively breed and raise Lamancha, miniature LaMancha and recorded grade dairy goats, Katahdin sheep, miniature Hereford, miniature Belted Galloway, Zebu, miniature Highland, Milking Shorthorn, several breeds of geese, ducks and chickens, including a small laying hen flock that we are expanding this year.”

The children also plant a market garden as well. They operate at the farmers market under Sisters Green Farm. They sell produce, hand-made goat milk soaps and lotions.

“Every one helps on the farm,” Jamie said. “We all have our specific chores and charges, but chip in on other tasks as well.

“There isn’t a life lesson the farm won’t teach. There is a niche for everyone,” Jamie said.



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