Hometown: Conway and Bennett Spring, Mo.

In Town: Kevin and Beth Srigley own A-Lane Tire & Feed in Conway, Mo. They have been in the auto business for over 25 years. Kevin runs the shop and is there whenever they are open while Beth does all of the bookkeeping except for the daily transactions.

“The primary business is selling tires in all sizes for any and all vehicles, which includes tires for bicycles, personal automobiles, fleets, agriculture, buses, tractors, and just about anything you can think of,” Kevin said.

Their shop also provides flat repairs and oil changes, and sells new and reconditioned batteries for everything from ATVs and motorcycles on up to tractors. In addition to the tire business, the Srigleys sell Grow-Smart livestock feed in bag and bulk, Montgomery Livestock Equipment, Tri-State Carports and Clear Span Barns and they provide hay bale trailer rentals. Kevin is also dealer for Rack ‘em, Stack ‘em Deer Feed.

Beth has owned her own cleaning business for 10 years now. At Busy Brooms she primarily cleans residential homes.

“I stay pretty busy,” Beth said. “What started as cleaning one house for a recently widowed gentleman from church, turned into another, and then another. By word of mouth, I ended up with a cleaning business.”

In the Country: Kevin and Beth have a small commercial cow/calf herd made up of mostly black Gelbviehs.

Beth said they chose Gelbviehs for their good disposition and because they are popular with the feedlots. They do rotational grazing using electric fencing at three locations in both Dallas and Webster counties. If needed, Kevin said they will supplement with purchased hay. He uses his own bull for breeding and often holds back heifers for replacement cows. The rest are sold at the Buffalo Livestock Market when they reach optimum weight.

He will also sometimes background feed his own steers. Kevin’s town job is closed on Sundays and Wednesdays so Wednesdays are when he catches up on all the farm work required for their cow/calf operation.

Although very busy, Kevin and Beth enjoy their businesses and farm lives but would someday like to focus entirely on the cattle operation.


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