Age: 9

Parents: Jared and Jesse Williams

Hometown: Mulberry, Ark.

4-H Club: Animal Science 4-H

Describe your 4-H experience: “My project is keeping track of the babies of our sheep, goats and cattle. I also show and have wins such as first place for my market goat and champion for my dairy doe, as well as champion junior meat goat showmanship and champion junior beef showmanship. This year my sheep, Linda, was in the show ring without her halter as required. I had her set up and was trying to brace her when she looked at the judge. She got into her head to jump around and pulled my arm so much it hurt. I think going into the show ring is fun and winning isn’t too bad either. The smile for a first-time trophy is really special whether that smile is mine or someone else’s. That special smile happened for me when I was really little. The most important thing I have learned so far in 4-H is to have fun in everything you do. I think people would be surprised to see me show a full grown cow by myself because she looks so huge next to me. My friend, Madeleine Caderilla, taught me how to show goats before I started showing them for the first time this year though my dad was the one who taught me to show sheep and cattle a long time ago.”

What are your responsibilities on the farm?

“I take care of watering, feeding and scooping out the stalls for the goats and sheep. I also work with them almost every night so they will show easily. Sometimes I help my dad feed the cattle. When my dad works the cattle, I help put up panels for the work area and hand him syringes.”

Future plans: “I want to be a goat farmer and a Texas Ranger, definitely not a city cop. I want to help people, especially young kids who sometimes don’t understand things and make stupid mistakes.”


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